Peshwai Nauwar

Get dressed in a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree in just 2 minutes!! Buy pre-stitched Nauwari saree online!

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We, at Peshwai Nauwar are proud to say that we are the first (est:1994) to make stitched, ready to wear Nauwari Saree also known as Lugade. You can wear our Peshwai Nauwar and move around with confidence without worrying if the Nauvari would get loose or messed up.

We make Chakuli Nauwar for little girls too!
You can get Sowale/kad (Pooja dhoti) for men and little boys of all ages.

A Peshwai Nauwar can be worn on any occasion; a wedding, pooja, festival, or any traditional function.

No worries if you don't know how to drape a Nauwari Saree. Wear Peshwai Nauwar just the way you wear a salwar! 

We make Lavani style and Maratha style Nauwaris ON ORDER. Contact at [email protected] to place your order today!