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We started making Nauvari Saree at Nagpur in 1994. We are the first who make this traditional attire ready to wear for today's busy Marathi women. It is so properly stitched in the traditional way that anybody would think 'how neatly she has draped the Nauwari!!'

The draping style in which our Nauwari is stitched was the style of Peshwa women or Brahmin women during the Maratha Empire, hence the name Peshwai. This style of Nauwari saree is worn at households by Marathi women during religious functions, weddings or for everyday use. It is slightly different than the Lavani style nauwari which is more figure fitting and worn during Lavani dance performances only.

Many famous personalities have bought our Peshwai Nauwar and are very happy and satisfied with it. Actors like Ela Bhate (Eka lagnachi Dusri Gosht), Sumit Raghavan,  Miss Earth Amruta Patki, Cricketer Ajit Wadekar's family, Mrs. Sanjiv Kapur, Vaishali Samant, Shamak Davar dance group, Hridaynath Mangeshkar group, Swarali Sangeet Sanstha (India's Got Talent) are few names. Many people and dance groups from all over the world are our satisfied customers.

Stitching Nauwari is an art and if compared with others, we can guarantee that our Nauwari will definitely be the winner. Our stitching quality or the draping style in which it is stitched is so neat and authentic that nobody could find out that it stitched not draped. It is extremely comfortable, one can wear it the whole day without any awkwardness. We get frequent compliments from women performing Mangalagur games who wear Peshwai Nauwar that we have made their lives easy with Peshwai Nauwar.

I have been interviewed by Hello Sakhi (Sahyadri TV), Manasi (ZEE Marathi) and many articles have been written about Peshwai Nauwar in various news papers and magazines. I was semifinalist for the prestigious Maharashtra Udyogini Puraskar held at Pune in October 2015. I would like you all to check In Media pictures in our Photo Gallery for some scans.

I wish you all try Peshwai Nauwar and enjoy Marathi traditions with ease and grace!


Padma Sahasrabudhe