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Peshwai Nauwar

Get dressed in a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree in just 2 minutes!! 

About our Nauwaris

Every women is uniquely beautiful and so are our Nauwaris. We make Nauwari sarees in three different styles - Peshwai (Brahmani style), Maratha and Lavani style, in sizes suitable for women with height from 4'.11" to 5'.8" and in popular colours as displayed below. Any other size can be made when ordered.

How to wear Peshwai Nauwar? 

Slide the Nauwari saree up your waist like a salwar or pajama, tie the string tightly at right side of your waist, properly place the pallu on your left shoulder and you are ready! Check out an instructional video at our Help page.


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