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Peshwai Nauwar

Get dressed in a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree in just 2 minutes!! 

Lavani Style Nauwar


*We make Lavani style nauwaris ON ORDER ONLY. Please contact us by emailing at for checking its availability and ordering.*

Description: Nauwari has a contrast coloured pallu with intricate design on it. A blouse piece comes with the nauwari. Nauwari is made from Belgaum silk material which can be washed at home and is easy to maintain.

Note: The blouse piece and pallu colour (contrast colour) may not always be same as in the picture, it may vary.

Choose your size A, B, C or D according to your height from the size chart below.

Height : Size category

4'.11" - 5'.0" : A

5'.1" - 5'.2" : B

5'.3" - 5'.5" : C

5'.6" - 5'.8" : D

Also, measure your hip size and choose whether you need General, XL or XXL.

Hip size : Size category

Upto 44" : General

45" - 47" : XL

48" - 50" : XXL

Colors (same as in Peshwai style):  Red, Magenta, Violet, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Dark Pink, Orange

*Shipping charges are applied in the cart.*

Please mention 1. Nauwari size: A, B, C or D 2.Hip size: General, XL or XXL 3. Color

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