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Peshwai Nauwar

Get dressed in a traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree in just 2 minutes!! 

Mastani Nauwari


Nauwari has a contrast coloured pallu with intricate design on it. A blouse piece comes with the nauwari. Nauwari is made from Belgaum silk material which can be washed at home and is easy to maintain.

Note: The blouse piece and pallu colour (contrast colour) may not always be same as in the picture, it may vary.

Choose your size A, B, C or D according to your height from the size chart below.

Height Size chart

Height : Size Catagory

4'.11" - 5'.0" : A

5'.1" - 5'.2" : B

5'.3" - 5'.5" : C

5'.6" - 5'.8" : D

Also, measure your hip size and choose whether you need General, XL or XLL.

Hip size chart

Hip size : Size catagory

Upto 44" : General

45" - 47" : XL

48" - 50" : XXL

Colors: Red, Magenta, Violet, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Dark Pink, Orange

We make Mastani style nauwaris on ORDER ONLY. Please contact us by emailing at for checking its availability and ordering.

Shipping charges are applied in the cart.

Please mention 1. Nauwari size: A, B, C or D 2.Hip size: General, XL or XLL 3. Color

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